ASPIRE Alpha is open to all students aged 15–22 from the Southeast Asia region.

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    Day 1

    First steps in data science

    On Day 1, students attend multiple talks by industry professionals and workshops on basic Python and fundamental data science concepts.

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    Day 2

    Start hacking

    On Day 2, students further their knowledge through morning workshops. In the afternoon, they form teams of 5 to compete in a mini-hackathon, analyzing real data from data.gov.sg, Singapore’s open data portal.

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    Day 3

    Putting everything together

    On Day 3, students continue their team projects. They use the skills acquired in the workshops from Day 1–2, to make observations about their data. Finally, teams present their findings in front of a panel of judges.

Learning Objectives

• Primitive types
• Basic data structures and algorithms
• Functions and abstractions
• Libraries used in the industry, including numpy and matplotlib
• Managing a development environment




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